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1. Introduction

This project is intended to develop kinds of USB camera drivers for Solaris. "Camera" here means those PC or web cameras, sometimes known as capture. On the one hand, the PC camera gets popular for years and there have been many kinds of PC cameras. On the other hand, Sun is going to make its core product -- Solaris open. But there's not any official USB camera support on Solaris.

Solaris 10 has been released and can be downloaded from Sun's website. For the reputation of Solaris, I believe more people will turn to it when it really gets opened. However,for desktop users, Solaris is not so friendly as Windows and even as Linux. It has less application and devices support, though it can run on x86 compared with Linux. Many open source or free software have been developed for Linux. And many of them claim to support Unix, of course,including Solaris. Unfortunately, such applications as video/image processing ones like Mplayer may only operate on CD/DVD-ROM like devices, while not a real camera/video device. That's all because Solaris doesn't support many video/image capture devices.

This project will mainly focus on the low-end cheap PC USB cameras because I can't afford an expensive digital camera. For time and cost reasons, the project will first develop an ov511-based driver. Linux has supported many kinds of cameras, including this one. Therefore, Linux camera drivers will be this project's base.

2. Invitation

If you are interested in this project, please make your contribution. You can develop a new driver, port a driver from other platform, test a release driver, write an application, contribute your hardware's datasheet, or just have a try. Any comments, ideas, suggestions, bug reports are warmly welcomed.

Solaris doesn't support V4L,surely V4L(Video for Linux) is for Linux only *_^. But many Linux applications use this specification. So if people want to get Linux application running on Solaris with as little as effort, there must be some V4L support in Solaris. If you are experts or have interest, I sincerely invite you to open a project for the V4L support on Solaris.

3. Useful links

Solaris 10 download

Linux OV51x driver

Solaris USB develop (USB DDK)

Solaris USB FAQ


4. Notice

I develop this project for personal interest and this project will be released under the GPL license.

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